Welcome to the Independent Australian Radio Broadcasters Association Website. IARBA was formed in the
early nineties to provide a basis for collaboration between various different groups involved in new directions
and technologies in broadcast radio in Australia.

If you are involved in Narrowcasting, Narrowband, MF or Internet Radio or in any other form of non-mainstream
broadcasting in Australia you should become part of IARBA.


IARBA exists primarily as a member organization for stations engaged in non-mainstream broadcasting and emerging broadcast
technology. This includes Narrowcasting, Narrowband, MF or Internet Radio or any other form of non-mainstream broadcasting in

IARBA will:

Provide technical and general advice to members through nominated officers in all aspects of broadcasting and foster skill-sharing
and networking between member broadcasters.
Lobby government and other regulatory bodies on behalf of members. Individual issues of this type may be proposed by any
member for the elected IARBA Committee to pursue on their behalf in the name of the association.
Recognize achievement in the Radio Industry with the awarding of an annual honorary IARBA life membership.
Promote the acceptance of new Media and Broadcast technologies.
Promote and lobby for the widest possible access to Media creation and delivery by the most individuals or organizations technically
possible within any broadcast delivery method.
Promote and lobby for access to all Media Delivery forms, at every level, for all members of Australian Society, regardless of their
Financial or social circumstances.
Where financially able provide on-going funds to an appropriate body engaged in work-based Radio Educational opportunities for
those persons not generally reflected in the Radio Industry, including (but not limited to): people under 21 years of age, people
over 55 years of age, persons with a disability, persons from a non-english speaking background and indigenous Australians.


Associate Membership is open to any individual involved in the radio broadcasting industry, whether employed for a salary or as a
volunteer. "Radio Broadcasting Industry" also includes Internet, Satellite and cable Broadcasters. Associate members do not have
voting rights and can not stand as committee members, but have access to all IARBA member services.

Full Membership is only available to Radio Services voting as single entities (i.e. each station's nominated representative has a single
vote). A "Radio Service" may be Terrestrial (AM/FM/SW), Satellite, Digital, DRM, IDigital Digital, Closed System or Internet and
subscription or free-to-air. Applicants must nominate a representative and first submit their request in writing outlining their motivations
for seeking full membership. Full members elect the committee of management annually. Each stations nominated representative is
eligible to stand for office.

To apply for membership please address your request to The Secretary, IARBA, PO Box 106, Kotara 2289 NSW or via email to
Secretary [@] iarba.org.

Po Box 106, Kotara 2289 NSW    secretary [@] iarba.org